Recurring Deposits

Features Account can be opened for minimum 1 year and maximum upto 10 years. Quarterly Compounding Interest payable on maturity. Minimum amount Rs. 100/- per month and maximum no limit . Pledging of security allowed. Prep..

Janakar Bachat Thev Yojana

Our Bank is having scheme titled JANKAR BACHAT THEV YOJANA (JKTY), wherein deposits placed under the scheme shall be eligible for deduction under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.We are having following schems-Jankar Bachat Thev Yojana - Monthly In..

High Networth

High Networth..

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen..

Kalyan Thev Yojana

Kalyan Thev Yojana..

Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit..